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Combi 920xxx Instruction Service Manual

Combi 922xxx - 923xxx Instruction Service Manual


Combi (Serial# 920xxx) Parts List

1Wheelchair base
2Seat support and legrest support
3Basic frame complete
4Battery cover
5Front and rear wheel
6Center wheel
7Seat unit
12Drive motors
13Free wheel device
14Battery charger
15Electronic system
16Seat height adjustment
18Backrest upholstery
19Safety harness / knee support
20Joystick module and support
21Backrest V-Trak
22Electric lighting
23Armrest mechanism
24Seat cushion, Leg protector
25Backrest extension with push bar
26Backrest extension,thoracic and head support
27Push handle bar
28Table tray
29Skirt guard old
29Skirt guard
30Foot guides
31Chest belt padding
32JSM, buddy buttons, joystick knobs
33Vehicle tie-down
34Rear view mirror
35Mudguard for drive wheels
36Foot protection frame

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Combi (Serial# 922xxx - 923xxx) Parts List

1- Combi 922xxx - 923xxx Cover page

2- Wheelchair base- 922xxx

3- Wheelchair base- 923xxx

4- Colored Shroud/Cover- 923xxx

5- Basic frame complete- 922xxx

6- Basic frame complete- 923xxx

7- Ramp driving- 922xxx

8- Ramp driving- 923xxx

9- Legrest assembly- Combi

10- Seat support- legrest support

11- Seat height adjustment

12- Backrest assembly- 922xxx

13- Backrest assembly- 923xxx

14- Seat unit

15- Combi ArmrestsSupport

16- Motors- 922xxx

17- Motors- 923xxx

18- Drive wheels - Casters

19- Power articulating/elevating legrest assembly

20- Batteries - Battery cover

21- Control system R-Net

22- Lights and indicators- 922xxx

23- Lights and indicators- 923xxx

24- Knee support strap system

25- Knee support PRO assembly





Combi (Serial# 922xxx - 923xxx) Parts List- Continued

26- Joystick holder- Fixed

27- Joystick holder- Swing away

28- Joystick protection guard

29- Seat cushions

30- Chest support belt

31- Backrest upholstery

32- Backrest extension with push bar

33- Push handle bar

34- Skirt guards

35- Upper leg supports

36- Chest role

37- Footrest with protection guard

38- Table tray- Fixed

39- Table tray- Swing away

40- Mud guards

41- Rearview mirror

42- Foot guides

43- Footrest wedge

44- Vehicle tie down kit- 922xxx

45- Vehicle tie down kit- 923xxx

46- Curb climber

47- Omni module holder

48- V-Trak backrest and headrest options

49- Dual Attendant module- R-Net

50- EZ Lock system

51- Chin control and holder