Welcome to a new world - wheelchairs that stand you up to provide independence and a new level of mobility that redefines your life!

Since 1975, when our first stand-up wheelchair was introduced, increasing the quality of life became the top priority of LEVO. This priority assures a focus on the design and development of new products offered to you our customers.

The experts in standing – this statement is an obligation. As the first provider of this kind of product worldwide, LEVO offers a complete range of stand-up wheelchairs, which meet all individual preferences and requirements with respect to size, type of disability or location. In this way, LEVO assists the integration of disabled people into the wider community.

We offer stand-up wheelchairs for children and adults. Our chairs are available in manually propelled and powered standing or as a fully powered model. The adjustability of the height, width, and angle for the footrest, seat, armrest and backrest on all LEVO models combined with a variety of accessories allows for optimal biomechanical adjustment. Since our innovative stand-up wheelchairs are designed to meet individual needs, LEVO has become the world leader in manual and power electric standing technology wheelchairs.

Design, quality and service after the sale are our priorities worldwide and these priorities define the LEVO brand. Our international distributors and dealers have been trained by our specialists to size correct adjustments and to provide immediate service. They also work with LEVO design engineering staff to craft custom made solutions for the unique needs of each customer.

Continuous research and development is a welcome challenge for the LEVO team. To integrate advances in the market and our customers changing needs, our research and development team closely cooperates with medical specialists, therapists, rehabilitation-consultants and wheelchair users. Experts in these fields are contracted by LEVO.

Academic research and case studies analyzing the benefits of standing using stand-up wheelchairs (physical, professional, practical, physiological and financial) as well as other information are available to interested parties.

Over 30 countries are served by our international network of distributors. If your interest in standing wheelchair technologies extends to one of these countries, LEVO USA will be happy to connect you with the appropriate distributor.

Communication – LEVO USA would like to learn about your personal experiences or receive your input relating to our products or service.

Our Philosophy


Innovative Solutions Backed by Exceptional Service

Values provide the unchanging compass we use to guide us in life and in business. These values, or guiding principles, define who we are as individuals and together, who we are as a corporation. It is our goal at Levo to both define and live by our corporate values. We trust that faithful and consistent implementation of our values will help us build a great place to work and a great company. That strong culture will play a fundamental role in helping our team achieve our vision.

Our Vision


Levo will be the leader in stand-up wheelchairs . We will provide our clients with innovative solutions and products, delivering the greatest value, supported with exceptional service.

Our Values


Four core values serve as the cornerstone of Levo. These guiding principles provide the compass to guide as and our benchmark of accountability as we strive to achieve our vision.

Serving Our Clients

We will work together with our clients and stakeholders in the disabled community to enhance and improve the physical and psychological health of those clients who will benefit from the ownership and use of standing wheelchairs.

Serving Our Team and Their Families

We will provide our team members with the opportunity to have a fulfilling and rewarding career in an environment based on mutual respect and accountability.

Serving Our Community

We will share our time, energy, and a generous portion of our success with our neighbors. Levo USA will annually contribute a portion of our time and financial resources to worthy charities.

Practicing Stewardship

"We will operate our company in a manner that respects the resources entrusted to us. Our solutions and products will be designed and built to contribute to a cleaner and safer environment."

LEVO History


1975 - LEVO AG, then known as Valutec, developed the first stand-up wheelchair of the world. Soon after, in 1976, this world novelty went into serial production in Dottikon (Switzerland) and was supplied to the international market. Model: "F7", manual propel and electric stand-up.

1984 - the first LEVO active LA, manual propel and manual stand-up, was presented to the market. improvements: modern design, light weight and maneuverability.

1989 - the LEVO product range was completed by the LEVO mobile LCM, power wheelchair with electrical stand-up (E/E). Already now, the individual needs of wheelchair users were met with the three model types and a variety of sizes. The name LEVO became a symbol for stand-up wheelchairs!

1997 - during the international shows "Rehab" in Düsseldorf, Germany, and "Medtrade" in Atlanta, GA, USA, the LEVO active-easy LAE, manual propel and manual stand-up, was introduced, the lightest stand-up wheelchair of the world.

1997 - LEVO USA Inc. was founded as a daughter company in Peachtree City, South of Atlanta, GA, USA.

1999 - the pediatric chairs LEVO compact-easy KID & JR, manual propel and electric stand-up, added to the LEVO product range.

2002 - during an international distributor meeting in Switzerland, LEVO AG introduced the brand new power wheelchair LEVO Combi. Within this combination of center wheel drive for inside and outside use as well as the multi functionality of the seating, reclining, tilting, laying and standing, this Swiss private company launched a new generation of stand-up wheelchairs.

2003 – with the extended version of the multi functional power wheelchair LEVO Combi JR for children, the product range of LEVO AG also serves the special needs of disabled children.

2004 – the LEVO comfort II releases the LCM as its newest stand-up power wheelchair with a high capability for indoor and outdoor use. The strong 4-pol motors and the 70A VSI controller give the chair exceptionsl driving capabilities.

2006 – November 3, LEVO AG in Switzerland and Dane Technologies Inc. in MN partner together to bring a better quality of life to more wheelchair users of every age across the United States. Meanwhile Dane takes over the management of LEVO USA Inc. and moves the operation from Peachtree City GA to Brooklyn Park MN.

2007 – On March 27, Dane Technologies acquired the outstanding shares of LEVO AG. As a result, LEVO AG becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Dane Technologies Inc. After over 30 years of exceptional leadership, Dr. Kurt H. Fischer retires from LEVO. Effective immediately Mr. Thomas Raeber has been promoted to CEO of LEVO AG.

2008 – November, LEVO launches the revolutionary C3 standing wheelchair. LEVO's engineering expertise and worldwide experience in standing wheelchairs designs and develops the world's only mid-wheel drive power standing wheelchair with capabilities to automatically transform into a 4-wheel drive action base.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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