Muscular Dystrophy Catrine 1

Muscular Dystrophy Catrine 2

A lift in everyday life
Catrine is 32 years old and has muscular dystrophy. Her condition requires on-site caregivers to provide support for her day and night, and she should be standing up several times a day. Catrine’s LEVO Standing Wheelchair enables her to stand on her own which is a great help to both Catrine and her caregivers throughout each day.

“My muscular weakness is mainly in my shoulders, and therefore it is difficult for me to raise my arms. This definitely limits my reach. But I have a lot of strength in my hands. And with my LEVO Standing Wheelchair with the electric standing function, my reach has been extended as I now can rest my arms on the armrests, run the chair up to standing position and then reach for the things I need”, Catrine explains.

Catrine lacks a protein that helps rebuilding musculature, and the illness really intensified during the teenage years. But as she says, she is curious by nature and she wants to try everything out, and therefore she completed a datamatician education and has now worked within data processing for 4 years.

“At my previous workplace, I used the LEVO chair to reach manuals, diskettes and CDs on the shelves. It was really nice to be able to reach things myself without asking for help all the time”, Catrine says with a smile.

After 4 years in charge of data processing, Catrine had to stop as it became too hard for her physically, but also because she wanted to do something new.

Today Catrine is still in the data processing industry, but she works from home now. She lives in a house with her boyfriend, Jan, and their two cats. Jan has a 7-year old boy from a previous relationship who stays with them every second weekend and he can make things really move in their small home.

"Less stiffness in my body during
the 5 Years I've been using LEVO"

Besides her LEVO chair, Catrine uses a transport wheelchair when she is going places. But during the day she will be sitting in her LEVO Standing Wheelchair, and she uses it frequently, as it is very important for her to change position during the day.

“I experienced less stiffness in my body during the 5 years I've been using LEVO. I couldn't do without my LEVO if the alternative would be a chair from which I couldn't get up to standing position. I also think that the comfort is great, and it's very wear-proof. It is, for example, strong enough to be pulled up and down the stairs”, Catrine says.

Catrine's car has been equipped with a swiveling seat. In order to be seated in the driver's seat, she runs the LEVO chair up to standing position, and with some help she can turn around and seat herself in the driver's seat. Also this function makes the LEVO standing wheelchair a stable helper for both Catrine and her caregivers as it reduces the efforts involved in transferring and maneuvering.

Catrine uses the LEVO chair stand-up function when occupying the restroom, and therefore she needs no lift to take her from wheelchair to toilet. She can also wash her hands standing up.

With the LEVO Standing Wheelchair Catrine has been able to redefine her everyday life, and now her caregivers can avoid a great deal of manual lifting. “There is no doubt that LEVO gives me a higher degree of freedom, independence and access. And it definitely provides much needed relief for my caregivers”, Catrine concludes.